Sunday, March 17, 2013


Hye...16 march 2013, hari paling yg x dapat dilupakan when kami satu kelas wat Pre graduation Dinner di VISTANA Kuantan.....seronok sgt....Theme dinner kami, Modern agak senang utk mix & match baju....i just pakai baju + jeans yg tersedia ada...n just add on new accessories only...and it's STRIKING YELLOW!!!...ahahhah like that color so VIBRANT!!!

I'm just wearing :

  • KIMONO Chiffon DRAPPED (black ) ~ Nichhi
  • Slim Cut Jeans (black) ~ ALICE . MANGO


YELLOW CLUTCH ~ Charles & Keith

YELLOW WEDGES !! ~ Charles & Keith

ChiffoN Glitter ( Black/Mustard) ~ NAJJAH

Chain Bracelet ~ VINCCI


Monday, March 11, 2013

Legally Blonde

After a few minute finish watching this movie...I'm feel so ALIVE!!!!.... Actually from the 'Elle'  character, i just feel that i'm in it!....She Do step on Law course that she do not  like and passion it...she try harder to be one of them,....and then she lose her self!!....but she doesn't give up....finally she be a Greatest and passion on Law Firm!! wif what "she is" that sweet??
 For entire of 9 years !! studying in engineering course.....Honestly im feel so tired!....this is not i been dream off...this is just one of big step to have degree graduate..... But i realized , this is my final semester...and i should falling in loved with engineering, becoz that is what i choose to be...what ALLAH s.w.t give away to i should try harder to be fully loving engineering course...i will be a good student...i can achieved what i should get....and then after walk out from this university...i will following what i been dreaming...what the most i like to be...i don have to move forward what i didn't like....i will learn "Makeup Pro".. Art is my passion....I couldn't said that i will not take a job in engineering field..but i will not abandon my Heart..